7 Magnificent Facts About Trinidad and Tobago.

Scenic view of Maracas Beach on a sunny day, Trinidad, Caribbean…..Book a Trip Now
  1. Trinidad has the Largest Roundabout in the World – We don’t just have the largest roundabout in the world, the Queen’s Park Savannah is the center stage for Trinidad’s Carnival, cultural competitions and shows, sports, local food and other forms of entertainment while being surrounded by many famous attractions such as the Hollows, the Botanic Gardens and the Magnificent Seven.
  2. Tobago has a Swimming Pool in the Middle of the Ocean – The Nylon Pool is a natural, 1 meter-deep crystal clear swimming pool with a sandy bottom in the middle of the sea created by an offshore sandbar and a still lagoon. Take a rejuvenating swim with the deep ocean on one side and palm fringed beaches on the other
  3. The limbo dance was created in Trinidad and Tobago.
  4. T&T is the Happiest Country in the Caribbean – In 2015 (and 2013), the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network, ranked Trinidad and Tobago the Caribbean’s happiest country.
  5.  First Black Miss Universe Queen – Miss Trinidad and Tobago 1977, Janelle Penny Commissiong, was the first black contestant to be crowned Miss Universe in the chronology of the Miss Universe Competition.
  • Trinidad and Tobago is the best Caribbean Destination to see Leatherback Turtles – Each year over 10,000 giant Leatherback turtles visit our shores to nest compelling Time magazine in 2015 to name Trinidad and Tobago as the best place in the world to see Leatherback Turtle hatchlings.
  •  OUR TOP PICK (Asa Wright Nature Center.)The Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge is a nature resort and scientific research station in the Arima Valley of the Northern Range in Trinidad and Tobago. The centre is one of the top birdwatching spots in the Caribbean; a total of 159 species of birds have been recorded there.
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