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Now the real aesthetics into the Trinidad Layover.

GOT 5 HOURS OR MORE..THEN YES YOU CAN LEAVE THE AIRPORT But Don’t forget to leave yourself time for boarding the second flight. Boarding usually starts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes before the actual flight time.The Airport Authority asks for 2 hour arrival before flight but you are in transit so an hour and a half should be enough just in case you have not gotten your boarding pass for the next flight.You will still have to go through their passport check LINE so be prepared.  Here you also have to claim your luggage upon arrival even if you’re on a layover in the middle of an international flight. Remember to have your luggage kept at the Airport or if you have Booked with a Tour Guide, ask if they have room for your luggage in their car. HERE IS WHERE ,,WHAT EVER YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME  IS UP TO YOU Before you can go to your second flight. Remember you still have to bring your luggage to another line to be rechecked, and then you go through security again. So be prepared.

A copy of the type of emails we get ..its always about… will i have enough time..

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