4 Day Tour Package in Trinidad Itinerary (4 ppl min on Day Packages and pls see add on prices per persons )

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4 Amazing Days in Trinidad


  POS CITY/Avocat Waterfall & Maracas Beach Break: 

Day 1 Package.  ($370*USD / 4ppl min / $69 per extra ppl.)

26th December 2019   Start Time 8AM


  • A Visit to the Rooftop of a Major Hotel to get a close up Birds eye view of the City and some photo shoot…
  • We then Visit Fort King George, a Historical site.
  • Then it’s onto a Drive of the Northern Range Rain Forest , This popular Area has the ideal Caribbean beaches, but is just as famous for the scenic drive through the Rainforest it takes to reach the enchanting Avocat Waterfall.
  • A 20 min Hike and you are there, water shoes is a must as we walk along a waterbed trail, a swim at the base of the falls is the objective.We Head to Maracas Beach Now for some Sea and Sand.
  • A Meal Break (Provided) :The Bake n Shark Sandwich.

We Conclude with a Two Hour stay at this Beach and then   Transfer back to Hotels



 Paria Beach Forest Hike & Trip to Las Cuevas Bay: 

Day 2 Package.  ($370*USD / 4ppl min / $69 per extra ppl.)

27th December 2019 Start Time 7AM
Lunch The Creole Rice Pellau



  • A Paria is not just a Rough 5 hour hike Return but a place for Beach and River lovers.
  • a series of up hills and down hills through small valleys crossing small streams we continue onwards to the Paria, here we are greeted by the ever popular Church Rock or Pointe L’eglise, this rock is approximately 50 feet high with a hollow smack in the center. (Lunch Break: Creole Rice Pellau)  
  •  From here we stroll along 3000 feet of white sand of the astonishing beach where  you can relax and soak up the sea and greeted by unruffled, cool serenity from the golden sun in the sky. From there we make our way to the  falls, a short ten minutes’ walk through a trail leads you to the sparkling emerald Paria Falls were you become virtually lost in total enchantment.

We Now Head Back to the Trails and Scenic Drive To Las Cuevas Bay 5 miles off to Cool Down but not without Visiting The Old Historic Fort Abercromby..only of its Kind this Far North and The Green Watery Scenic Bay it Protects great for Fishing and Snorkeling.we Conclude.



South Central Sightseeing Package

Day 3 Package. ($350*USD / 4ppl min / $59 per extra ppl.)  

28th December 2019 Start Time 7AM 

Lunch The Curry Roti Delicacy




  • Visit one of the Largest Asphalt lakes in the World – known as New 8th Wonder of the World its never Ending Production of Tar is amazing. 
  • Enjoy a Guided tour while taking a Bath in The Sulphur lakes rejuvenates the Skin is a must..
  • We Then visit The Temple on The Sea built by the bear Hands of its Builder learn its History and pay Homage at the Feet of the 85ft Hanuman Murti..
  • let’s Close the Day off with the Sunset on The Caroni Swamp as we watch the Scarlet Ibis Come Home To roost….  

 Extra Topping : The Best Street Food in Town..The Doubles After the Swamp Visit incl.



(DDi Tour) A Day Down the Island’s Western Peninsula

Day 4 Package.($470*USD / 4ppl min / $149 per extra ppl.)

29th December 2019  Start Time 8AM 

Lunch :BBQ Chicken fries n Salad




  • Enjoy a scenic boat ride to Gaspar Grande Island
  • Embrace nature on a relaxing hike to the caves.
  • Descend into the caves a 100 feet and view the natural rock formations and shimmering salt water pool.
  • We Then Head To Chacachacare Island, an Island of Tales of Ghostly Spirits that roam its estates..
  • originally named El Caracol (the snail) by Christopher Columbus because of its shape. 
  • the forest of Chacachacare lies the infamous salt pond, this large body of water that is separated from  the sea by a strip of land, even though is not the best for swimming it’s a sight worth walking for, in the early days this pond was used to extract salt for cooking. 

The island was once used to cultivate ground provision, cotton and sugar apple and also the site of a whaling station and a leper colony, and also once gain the title for being the oldest lighthouse in the western hemisphere.  We conclude.

Please Note : Although we pride ourselves in constantly maintaining our programme the above mentioned programme is subject to change without prior notice. Any extra expenses incurred due to any weather problems, technical issues,forced instances, natural calamities, political disturbances,strikes that cause delays or postponement or entail extra night stay and additional meals and transfers will be charged extra, directly to Guest.


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