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Things to do in Trinidad

A layover at Piarco International Airport (POS/TTPP) provides passengers the opportunity to do a lot of things both around the airport area and well into the City of Port-of-Spain. Piarco International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, serving as a hub for the Caribbean. The airport is situated about (27 km/17 miles ) from downtown Port-of-Spain, thus making the city easily accessible for tourists who have long layovers.

So you have a connecting flight from let’s say..Guyana..Grenada..Panama and are wondering what to do with a layover of 9 hours or less? or Here on a Short Stay..Then these Hand picked Options will help you Pass time and not Kill time.


Special Deals and Last-Minute Offers

Book a unique tour at a great price! Grab a last-minute offer and start packing for your memorable vacation.

Jeep Adventure / Half Day

A Climb to Trinidad’s Summits to Experience another way of Life as we Ascend upon the Hills of Paramin (Chive Country)

Local Food Tour /3 hrs

Are You a Foodie. Must Get A Taste of Every New Found Land..WE will take you  to where only Locals know about

Maracas Beach / Half Day

Just in the Relaxation Mood and Some Scenic Drive.
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