Trinidad’s Eco Adventure Tours

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Courtenay Rooks on Trinidad’s eco adventures | Q&A Discover T&T talked to Courtenay Rooks — a tour operator, naturalist, and conservationist with decades of experience — about what makes Trinidad such a compelling destination for eco lovers and those looking for unique, immersive vacations About Courtenay Rooks Photo courtesy Courtenay Rooks Courtenay “Bush Man” Rooks […]

Best Carry-On Luggage: 10 Affordable Bags Under $150*USD

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  A sturdy, well-designed carry-on bag is one of the most important products any traveler can buy—especially if you’re looking to pack light and avoid checking a suitcase. But while there are plenty of pricey carry-ons on the market $2,595Gucci, anyone?, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a solid carry-on that can serve […]

Foodie Nation

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Our food is out there… If it’s one thing that i myself have thanked God for , is the many dishes that our island can call our very own..with influences from India to as far as Spain, you can taste the spirit of the world in our meals. With so many takes and articles on […]

06 Important Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know when travelling to Trinidad and Tobago.

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Avoid lonely ventures..Yes if it feels dangerous it usually is…Taking long night walks and strolls back to Hotels especially if close by should not be attempted unless if you are in the company of four or more..Groups have been known to ward of suspecting attackers.Yes its close but a $15 or $20*USD Taxi fare is better to part with than anything else.