“Trinidad the Untouch Travel Experience..!”

Some Words on Destination Experiences  From Mitch Menz,

 Destination Services Director at Layover.Exp Trinidad.

. “This website was built to promote Our home Island of Trinidad and Tobago as a great Travel and Layover Destination to the world.!”

“It all started as a Tour Operator here on the Island, realizing from the feedback of Visitors just how much the bad advisories from Embassies to its expats here in Trinidad was not only warning persons of associated dangers while visiting but really propelling us to a Stigma of being

Mitch Menz: inset at left, St James Food Tour 2019

one of the most Dangerous places on Earth. I felt i had to do something, even the folks who had long stopovers at our Airport was being told by misinform Airport personnel not to leave the Airport because it was to dangerous. Some, they themselves not even having left this island shores to some of the really dangerous spots in the world.

However, the State Department’s job in the U.S is to warn you about everything that could go wrong, which is sometimes different to what is likely to go wrong.You can get that info here.

This means their advice is generally on the hyper-cautious side of things…..

You see our country is one of the wealthiest Caribbean countries because of the oil production and when a country starts to develop in wealth it breeds new white collar and other crime activities but these are often met in strategic locations as in any other country.. but the whole world is a big backyard now and wherever you go you must be vigilant…not going off on one’s own without some form of genuine guide.

Trinidad Layover Experiences was born.

My goal now is to make Layover.Exp into an inspiring and useful resource for Travellers, not only who have long stopovers in Trinidad but maybe one day to most Caribbean destinations . To that end, I publish stories meant to express the joy I get from seeing and doing things that I enjoy the most on my island, photos meant to express the beauty that I have found in our day to day lives and tutorials meant to help people safely learn how to expand their own abilities and learn to make a vacation within a vacation anywhere in the world”.

Enjoy the best things to see in Port of Spain with Trinidad Layover Experiences.

Happy Travels

Mitch Menz

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