($470*USD / 4ppl min / add on $69 per extra ppl.)

DDi Tour: Private Down The Island's Caves & Haunted Island Charter

A Day Of Adventure with stunning sunsets over the Coast and fascinating Views. A Trip on Board the Salt Water Fishing Boats across the scenic north-west coast of Trinidad Really sets the Day. We Stop at the magnificent Gasparee Caves as we descend a 100 ft below the ocean caves…we then visit the World Famous Ghost Hunters Episodes 7 Filmed Site at the Haunted Island of Chacachacare https://www.youtube.com/watch ?..We Then Stop for a swim at a Secluded Bay.


USD $514.00/per Couple    :TT $3600/per Couple



Love is an amazing feeling! It can paint life in bright colors, make a person happy and make everyone want to put the universe at the feet of the beloved. One of the most suitable places on the planet to fulfil this dream is on the  Western Peninsula and at the same time on the coast of the Caribbean Sea having Dinner.


USD $40.00/per ppl/  :Kids $25 per ppl

Trinidad DDi Tour ( Gasparee Cave Trip )

Set across the scenic north-west coast of Trinidad the Way The Natives Did It .. You can enjoy the cool breeze and the warming rays of the sun whilst Visiting The Gasparee Caves.

7 hours in Tobago

USD $69.00 per ppl /min 2 ppl for bookings

Tobago Glass Bottom Boat, Reef & Nylon Pool Tour

Interested parties are invited to partake in snorkelling at the Coral Gardens, while those who just wish to relax with soca music and a drink can do so (cost of food & drinks not inclu ).The Coral Gardens has 40 species of coral and  a natural feeding ground for a huge variety of brilliantly coloured tropical fish like Nemo..