Avocat Waterfall Day Trip: ….book now

A Day at the Falls..

Many Slaves have said to runaway to this Fall for it’s rejuvenation to the mind and Body..on reaching the fall the sudden up draft of air from it’s crushing feet just halts and calm any Soul…

Hiking up rivers, climbing through uncharted rain forests where your leader follows only his knowledge of the forests. While walking you will see, experience and learn of the natural history of this magnificent rainforest. The walk ends at the seventy-foot waterfall, where swimming in the small pool at the base of the falls is our objective. Relax while getting a natural massage as you sit at the foot of the falls. 

On Reaching the Falls this is your moment to press the reset button..Giant Blue Butterflies layover as to seem to want to drop of a message to you..a feeling of lightheadedness slants your brain but don’t worry it’s just the rush of the abundance of chlorophyll attributes in the one can deny the oneness felt at this’s your turn now…

Requirements: Yoga Pants or Leggings plus swim wear & Water Shoes (eg. Crocks).